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A b o u t m e

I’m the writer, designer and creative brain behind About Warmth.

Here I share inspiration, patterns and nuggets for creatives of all levels. I’m here to help you find your authentic and beautifully creative self and letting them shine.

Everybody is creative! Yes I’m also looking at you. Find your next project in the shop or just stick around and read for a while. You can move at your own pace here.

I started designing my own patterns at the beginning of 2022. Before that I had been enthusiastically learning all I could about knitting, crochet and Tunisian crochet. I love everything about it and I kept getting so inspired by all the makers I saw on social media and the things I saw around me in the world, I just knew I was ready for the next step and set out to create my own design. I haven’t looked back since.